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"Our family has been involved in the Early Bird String Academy for the past 7 years and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. The teachers are all professional musicians with a passion for music and teaching - and it shows. My kids were excited to practice the music and show off for friends and relatives whenever they could. In fact, they would all try to take their instruments with them whenever we would visit relatives up North! (it made for a rather full van) My husband and I were always amazed at how quickly our children progressed at learning their instrument and their music. And it sounded good! (if only adults had the capacity to learn that fast!) The musical preparation the Early Bird String Academy provides is obviously superior to most string programs, as our oldest found herself more advanced than many of her classmates when she started high school orchestra. And this is a school known for it strong music programs. We highly recommend The Early Bird String Academy to anyone considering having their child learn a string instrument. We can honestly testify that it has enriched both the lives of our children as well as our family as a whole!”

-Terry and Mary Derosier - proud parents of two violinists and a cellist

"The Early Bird Strings program has done a wonderful job of teaching the kids musical skills in a fun and encouraging setting. All of the instructors do a great job of keeping the kids motivated in both group and individual settings while allowing them to progress at a pace that is comfortable for them. Our son has thoroughly enjoyed the past five years that he has been involved in the program."

-Amy C.

“There are so many things that have impressed us in our three years with Early Bird String Academy. The three teachers have perfected a formula that combines positive attitudes, professional musical expertise, and successful youth instruction techniques. Because of this unique combination, the children have learned how to perform at a young age and advance quickly through the levels. All of this is apparent as the group has grown is size and strength in the past several years. It is clear to us that Ingrid, Janis and Kathryn love their students. We are very lucky at St. Peter's to have this opportunity.”

-Joe and Ann Leahy, parents of Shannon, Advanced Section

“Being a part of Early Bird String Academy has been a truly wonderful experience for my daughter. The teachers provide a good balance of structure and fun for the children, and I am impressed with how quickly the students have progressed.”

-Amber Lang!

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